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*** Please Note, DVR systems has two meanings; TV DVR systems and Surveillance (CCTV) DVR Systems. We ONLY service the Surveillance (CCTV) DVR Systems. We do not service any TV DVR systems that come from your TV/Internet Service Providers. ***

Long Island Business Security Cameras

Networks has Long Island business security cameras, installation specialists located on call, serving the Nassau County, Western Suffolk and Eastern Queens NY areas.

Business DVR Installation/Troubleshooting

Most Long Island businesses have always had some form of Security Cameras (CCTV) installed. They are very essential for every business to have these Cameras installed. They are found in banks, retails stores, and any other type of business. The footage can be taken from these cameras can be used in the courtroom in convicting someone of a crime. Security Cameras have gotten better resolution since the ’70s.  Networks have security specialists that can design your business with a brand new DVR/NVR System. 
The worse thing a business owner can do is skimp out on a DVR/NVR system that has a lot of blind spots. Homes can get away with a 4-channel DVR/NVR system.  Networks specialists can meet with the owner at their building and point out all of the blind spots. Our specialists can also install brand new DVR/NVR equipment.  We also have skills that most Technicians in the field do not have.  

Our specialist has the tools to troubleshoot any non-functioning DVR/NVR system.  Most businesses think they can just install a DVR/NVR system onto their Computer Network and think everything is ok, however without a Network specialist installing them for you, conflicts between computers may occur.  What separates us from our competitors, we are also computer and network specialist!

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What does DVR/NVR mean?

DVR (Digital Video Recorder) – Usually these devices have a BNC connection on the back of them and are limited to up to 30 frames per second. These devices are out-dated technology and are not a good choice for Clarity.

NVR (Network Video Recorder) – These devices record from IP cameras. Depending on the NVR, an NVR can have the cameras connect directly to the NVR or NVR records from the Cameras found on the network. Since the cameras and the NVR communicate with each other over Ethernet, High Output Bandwidth is required. Networks recommend that any NVR device stays separate from your Internet Network.  Failure to do so may result in the corruption of data. NVR is a fairly newer technology compared to the DVR system. The reason why you would want an NVR system over a DVR system is for clarity reasons. The common result is when reading a car’s license plate. Since the NVR has better Clarity, you will be able to read a License plate from NVR footage, making catching the thieves easier to track down.