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Sonos Installation Long Island Sonos HiFi Wireless Audio Systems

Would you like to be able listen to music anywhere in your house? A wireless Sonos system could be the answer. But first, you should know what it is and what it can do?

Sonos Installation Long Island – The days when you were only able to listen to music or your hi-fi system in one room, secured by cables, are over. Years ago, if you wanted to listen to your entire music collection anywhere in the house some major logistical issues would have to be overcome. It would either require you to move your sound system from room to room, deal with cables and wires trailing under rugs and door as well as up the stairs, or you could spend top dollar on custom install system.

With the rise of digital and computer-based music, a large number of streaming music services, as well as Wi-Fi in almost every home, the wireless revolution has paved the way for a whole new area of possibilities.

Let the Sonos installation professionals at Networks NY handle your installation with ease.


Sonos System - Sonos Installation Long Island
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How Does Sonos Work?

Sonos was founded in 2002 with one simple goal: to revolutionize your home audio system for the digital age. It software and products are designed to fill every single room of your house with music, and the flexibility and capability of its products has turned the company into a household name. The Sonos Hi-Fi Wireless Audio System works by connecting one speaker to the network in your home, then adding more Sonos units scattered around your home (up to a maximum of 32), using a committed/devoted secure wireless mesh network called/known as Sonosnet.

The network is essential to how Sonos’s mutli-room speakers function, as it lays unconnected from your home network.

Is Sonos Better Than A Bluetooth Connection?

The answer to that question is yes. Sonos is much better/more preferable than a Bluetooth connection. While Bluetooth does feature short-range wireless connectivity between your bluetooth speaker and a smart device to access your music, Sonos gives you better range. Your smart device and bluetooth speaker need to be physically close to each other, restricting (Synonym for limiting) your wireless range and control.


Has your Sonos Home Sound System stopped working? Are you having trouble connecting? Maybe you don’t know how to setup Sonos? Have you gotten any new equipment or has your router stopped functioning? At Networks by Design, we can even troubleshoot any issue regarding your Sonos Home Sound System with a full onsite walkthrough! We will then help identify the exact issue you’re having with your Sonos sound system and we will let you know how we’ll plan to resolve that issue for you, so you can enjoy your Sonos Home Sound System, performing at its best!