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Long Island Computer Networking Services

Networks have technicians located on Long Island, New York. We have a combined experience of over 25 years in computer networking & wireless networking troubleshooting and consulting. We have worked with many small businesses and homes throughout Long Island. Our staff is able to guide you through the entire process.

Our consultants are able to:

  • Plan out the proper coverage area
  • Tip and Run Necessary Cables
  • Hide any visible wires
  • Troubleshoot, Configure Entire Network
  • Static IP’s
  • Recommended parts
  • Buy the proper hardware
  • Install all of the proper drivers
  • Get the internet running fully
  • Setup secure network
  • Remote desktop setup / troubleshoot
  • VPN
  • Share folders, files throughout network
  • Setup users with permissions
  • Testing hardware
  • Assist in the switchover from wired internet to secure wireless
  • Boost weak signals
    and more
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Specializing in Long Island Secure Network Solutions, Wireless Networking and Print Servers Setup
Corporate Service Agreements ensures peace at mind with our Long Island Computer Network Repair

Long Island Computer Networking Services

Networks is located on Long Island, in New York, Servicing Long Island, NY. Our certified Network Repair Specialists specialize in Long Island Installation of Networks, and Secure Long Island Wireless Networks. We install all of our own networks and service our machines. We repair and troubleshooting, any network on any operating system. Based on market trends Network Security, is one of our biggest concerns. We are able to Setup,  Secure Residential, and Business Networks, from scratch.  By helping you choose a server and the components for your new system while keeping the price extremely competitive. We believe the longevity of our clients, outweighs making money on the first time we service them. 

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Long Island computer Network Troubleshooting

Our Long Island, Repair Technicians are able to; Troubleshooting and Repair an Existing Network and constructing a Wireless Networking Environment.  We have the ability, to Setup Wired / Wireless Print Servers and Secure your Wireless Office, with the Highest level of Corporate Security. Our Long Island Service agreements, guarantee that a Long Island Computer Networking Repair Team, is always a phone call away with same day service. Our Long Island Service Agreements, are the best in the business and the price is extremely affordable compared to those other ‘geeks’ out there….

Our Long Island Computer networking service technicians Repair problems like

  • Connectivity problems
  • Lock out old employee’s and
  • Lock out old techs & staff that could compromise your business
  • Reconnecting lost printers and folders into the network
  • Eliminate network errors
  • Changing WEP keys
  • Add new users / computers to network
  • As well as other tasks that every computer network should have.
  • Allow our technicians to handle your entire network.
  • No contact necessary, but they are available.
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Long Island, NY Computer Network Services

Long Island Networking Consultant – Services include: Walk- thru of area, installing and configuring, and answering questions. A complete professional network proposal from the ground up. Options for your future network. Figuring out, what the best what the best way to achieve your goals, for your home of office and more. 

Long Island Network RepairServices include: Narrowing down all of the problems with your network. Advising you on, a cost containing method on solving your problems. Changing any equipment or setting any types of settings to make your home or office run smoothly..

Long Island Wireless Networking ConsultantExperience speaks for itself . We have helped large, medium, and small organizations find the right wireless solution for you. Also working with residential customers, we are able to buy the right equipment, and hook it up seamlessly, into any environment.