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Roosevelt Server Workstation Repair

Roosevelt What is a Work Station?

A workstation can be any computer.  Usually the Workstation title refers to computers which the standard user utilizes.  Workstations also mean that if your computer network is setup properly, either most of your data, if not all of your data should be located on a centralized server.  If this was to happened to the workstation, you should not have to worry about anything on that workstation. Standard computer users should not have access to the server, for way too many reasons. Macs can also take the name workstation as they also have servers.  Since all workstations take the brunt all most user abuses.  These devices will eventually fail.  Every user will get a warning sign that something is not right.  One example is that the Computer Hard Drive is failing.  Having a failing Hard Drive is like having a pot hole in a road, on which your car may drive upon.  If that pothole is not fixed, that pothole will continue to get bigger.  Same with a failing Hard Drive, if you don’t get your data transferred over to a replacement drive, more damage to your data will occur.

A failing Hard Drive is not the only problem a workstation can have.  There are many other problems that can cause your Workstation to not work correctly.  Most of the time, I have noticed user’s workstations to have very bad performance, but that user just continues to use the workstation until it fails completely.  Usually when this happens, the costs are much higher in getting the workstations fixed.  Networks by Design has specialist and troubleshooters that has the ability to fix most Workstations and Servers problems.

Roosevelt Long Island Server Workstation Repair & Installation

The configuration of servers can be quite complicated. Most users, or even advance users who have a general understanding of computers can still struggle to configure a server correctly.

What You Should Know About Server Setup

  1. DNS (Domain Name Server)
  2. Domain Controller (Active Directory)
  3. Exchange Server (Email Server)
  4. Website Server (IIS-Internet Information Services)
  5. FTP Server
  6. File Server
  7. Application Server
  8. Terminal Services
  9. WINS Server
  10. DHCP Server
  11. Media Streaming Server

Roosevelt What Is A Server?

Roosevelt A Dell Server - Server Workstation Repair from Networks
A server is any computer that acts as a controller for any type of software. A server is also a computer designed to process requests and deliver data to other computers over a local network or even the internet. Servers don’t have to be server equipment though. For example, a workstation can act as a server, to a certain degree. We at Networks by Design will evaluate your business and find out if “server equipment” is right for your needs.

What Is Considered “Server Equipment”?
Server equipment is designed to be left powered on all day long. Manufacturers design server equipment with; multiple processors, redundant power supplies(if one of the power supplies fails, the other one keeps the system running), a centralized data backup system, and also redundant hard drives(if one of the hard drives fails, the system continues to run in a slow state).

What Are Some Advantages Of Having A Server?

  • Most businesses want to have permission over which of their employees have access to company files.
  • Having a server makes backing up your data easier!
  • Having the ability to have multiple users access data simultaneously, by taking a load off of your processor in a workstation.
  • Some software companies require a server in order that their software functions.
  • The ability to maximize performance with multiple hard drives, if set up correctly to slow down the loss of data.

What Are Some Disadvantages Of Having A Server?

  • Downtime – If the server fails to function correctly, workstations may not work at optimum speed until reconfigured.
  • Monitoring – Servers need to be monitored from time to time, to ensure optimum performance.
  • Backups – It is highly recommended that backups are occurring.
  • Liability – Hackers can potentially target one server versus multiple computers.
  • Cost – Prices have been found to be significantly higher than computers.

Roosevelt What Is A NAS?

Roosevelt A NAS Server

network attached storage device (NAS). This device is built to host your files so that multiple computers can access them without a server. Some of our customers go this route because a server computer is not cost effective for their business.

At Networks, we observe the “kiss method”. We keep it simple so that our work is not confusing to the customer. Most customers don’t need half of what’s installed on their server. So, if you’re having any issue regarding Server Repair & Installation, Networks has the certified technicians you need to resolve the issue in the best and most cost effective way possible!